Don't Let "The-Child-In-You" Stop Breathing!

Saturday, November 15, 2014 , 2 Comments

I had an amazing and challenging experience taking classes for the nursery students lately- yes, you read it right - 'nursery'! And after this experience, I can bet you that for Newton it would have been less difficult to introduce the law of gravity than it's to explain a kid the rules of addition or, the worse, draw an 'A'.
Why? Because children won't believe you upfront! If you ask them don't do this, they will do it the next moment. Unlike us, they are explorers. They want to try before quitting and refraining forever. They have absolute zero "fear of failure"- something which becomes our biggest enemy as we grow up. A couple of weeks spent with them made me realize how strongly we are loosing the charms we used to have in the childhood days.
I feel the reason behind this is that we are now running in some kind of race always - race of who-will-get-the-highest-marks-in-examinations; seek-a-seat-in-a-reputed-engineering-or-medical-school; convert-the-most-coveted-job-offer-in-the-college; snatch-the-best-salary-package-from-the-market; marry-to-the-best-life-partner; get-job-promotions; and so on..Participating in the race may act as a strong incentive for many of us to keep evolving, but blindly running in this race, without having set any goals, with the mere intention of competing our peers/ friends/ relatives, surely hurts our efficiency and helps us loose the charm of life!
I believe if we look back to our childhood, we will surely find some important lessons that are worth re-adopting today -

What can we learn from children?

Lesson 1. Creativity- Have you ever seen children drawing over walls or hosting a barbie-doll-wedding or decorating their tent-house? They have far more creative ways of indulging themselves than we can imagine. Spilling milk all over the desk, branded clothes, important documents is only their unique expertise. We should try to do things differently - even if we have pre existing ways to solve a problem, at least we should give it a try with new method!
Lesson 2. Attention To Details- I was surprised to find that kids notice every small thing they use or look at. They don't take even minor alterations for granted. They will reject at least once before accepting a new idea. One can do so only if one is very attentive toward finest details. They will take any pain it might cause toward the path of perfection.

Lesson 3. Fearlessness- Children don't care about just anything in the world! In their little world there is no fear of loosing while they are experimenting and exploring. I think most of our creativity gets hampered by the fear of failure. We don't ask questions for the fear of showing ignorance. We don't take risks for the fear of loosing. And only when the chance and time is over we realize this and regret later. 

Lesson 4. Smile Wholeheartedly- Seeing a children smiling is a real treat to the eyes. Because their smile is not fake. It comes right from the heart, and with full energy. Smile is the best way of refreshing our stressful mind - a curve that can straighten tough things!
Lesson 5. Live Each Moment To The Fullest- This is a magical quality that children have and that we don't have! Children don't care about what will happen tomorrow. This is what gives them the chance to living each moment to its fullest.
I am sure spending a little time with kids every once in a while does not only give a lesson worth adopting but also revives our spirits of life. For life's sake, let us not stop "the-child-in-us" breathing!

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  1. It's sad how life knocks the child out of the majority of people. The-child-in-me is barely breathing!

    1. U're right Paul.. I feel the same.. but we can surely make efforts at any stage of life to re live those days..