We Had Lost The Match Long Before It Started!

Friday, March 27, 2015 0 Comments

So India lost the match today - the most coveted World Cup!

The whole country was united for this one match; we all prayed for this one match; we all took leaves from work for this one match; all markets remained closed for this one match; and this list goes on and on about what all pain we take for a cricket match.

I have never been a cricket fan. I have never wanted to watch any match (cricket) with any enthusiasm, or interest ever. But I represent the minority when it comes to cricket. In our country people have been crazy for cricket since eternity (even though the credit (blame?) goes to British Government to introducing it to us). It's not just a game in India; It's like a religion. The way one has faith in one's religion, cricket lovers have in it. It has marvellous power to unite a country which is full of diversity; which has issues and differences on almost everything - what we eat, what we wear, what we work, what we enjoy, who we vote, how we talk, when we pray, etc. But craze for cricket is something that is unanimously high in every Indian's heart. All differences seem to diminish for one cricket match. Wonderful it is!

But there is something we forget among all this fun and frolic, fear and excitement, celebrations and cries. We forget to commemorate stories where we lose every day, every moment. We had lost the match long before it started. We lose a match of life when someone in our country dies of hunger; we lose a match of humanity when a girl gets raped by a group of strong, brave men, or when a child is handed hammer instead a pen, or when farmers commit suicide for failing to meet basic amenities of life, or when innocent people lose their life in a terrorist attack; and this list goes on and on.

We have lost many matches since our independence. The irony is that we don't mourn at all when we lose those matches. We don't get our newspapers filled with chaos and anger expressed on losing those matches. We don't get united for justice in those matches. We don't come to roads when we hear a news of humanity crawling on its feet. We don't take any pain, any pain at all, to stand for those matches.

I wonder how great our society could have been if we had shown same level of craze for the endless issues we are facing for such a long time now; if we had expressed zero-tolerance on any delay in justice on those cases; if we had voiced feely about those brutal cases of murder, rape, violence, non-governance, terrorism etc. I wish we realize that we have more serious and sensitive issues to mourn about than just a game!

Hope you enjoyed reading it! 

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