Tamasha - the show, we are all part of which, every moment of our life

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Tamasha - the show, we are all part of which, every moment of our life.

I am about 8 months late in watching the movie Tamasha, starring Ranveer Kapoor and Dipika Padukone and Piyush Mishra in lead roles. 

But it was worth watching the movie on Saturday evening. I am really happy that I made this choice.

I happened to visit GTB Nagar (close to D.U. campus in North of Delhi). The place sells everything that a struggling individual might be interested in.

I bought a few DVD's that I have been wanting to watch but couldn't do so because of poor time management and priority setting in daily course of life.

Though, when I came home, I realized that my DVD player is broken long ago! 

I unhesitatingly knocked doors of couple of neighbours, until I found one who could copy the movie from the DVD to a pen drive.

After a few hours spent in this relentless effort of running movie on my laptop, I finally finished watching it, lying in the comforts of my bed, sipping tea.

The movie makes you ponder upon the lines that I have been thinking since I left my corporate job - Is the race we are running blindly worth participating? 

What are we trying to prove, and to whom exactly? 

Why  does everyone seem so happy in a most futile ways of living?

What is it that I am not able to find? And is it just me who is after that?

In a distinct town in outskirts of France, Ranveer and Dipika meet in the opening scene. They don't introduce each other, because as he says, it would make us tied to each other in some way. Let's be strangers, without the fear of being judged, known, familiar.

In my recent solo trips to small towns in Himachal Pradesh, I have been thinking on the same lines. 

Is an introduction necessary at all for two individuals to connect?

Do your name, vocation have to do anything with who you are? Or rather, what you are!

You may be an investment banker by profession, and an artist at core of your heart? Which of that introduction you would like to give me, or does it even matter?

I am thoroughly enjoying its lead song that goes as -

Pal bhar theher jao... 

Stay here for a moment. As one moment is enough if we have played it right, on the drama-stage of this little-life!

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