The best thing to do this valentine... :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012 0 Comments

"Do you love your partner very much?
Are you really happy in your relationship?
Do you wanna have that feeling for the rest of your life?
Everyone who intends to reply in a ‘Yes!!’, please don't read further...
If you're still reading, don't worry, nothing will happen, it will be fun but don't mind if anything hurts your feelings.

Valentine's is on the hat  and people are getting crazy. Shoppers are shopping madly. The big brands have thrown attractive offers for all the lovers. “You can feel the love in the air, everywhere”, at malls, parks, markets, holiday-spots, schools, colleges, offices, buses, trains, theatres etc. These places have become more crowded than ever. Love is being expressed through all forms- mobile phones, dresses, shoes, sandals, accessories etc. The list is endless as is love… :P

I feel there should be a relaxation in the valentine's week. Employees should be allowed to go home early. A national Holiday on the day of Valentines, would be a piece of cake.  A special hike in salary should be given for the month of January-February to help all lovers spend freely and madly during this week.

After spending a whole year full of idiocy, the lovers are back again, with even stronger enthusiasm to repeat the same mistakes coming year! Valentine's is just a few days away...Dude, you still have time to break-up and save your money!!!! ;) "

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