Sunday, November 02, 2014 , 0 Comments

  Office-cab is on door; will wait for no more than 5 minutes; rush, rush, rush!!! My daily thought of the day -I will wake up early from tomorrow! Can't go to office dressed up randomly, as funky looks are no more called fashionable; Can't go empty stomach, as no canteen-sitting allowed for junk eating anymore. No matter how free you're, here you have to show you're busy!!

Relatives and friends from my hometown ask me with great curiosity, "How's your job life?", expecting to hear lots of goody goody about life in a metro. Thanks to the delusion created by daily soaps - where the boss is always a handsome bachelor from a wealthy family, waiting from eternity for you to join his company and accept his marriage proposal made on a blue day! Huh! Unfortunately, it only happens in B-town. Some characters are interchanged in real life as compared to reel life. Boss plays the villain, not the hero; and the entry of real life hero almost never happens.

From an outsider's angle, life in metro appears to be comforting and full of adventures. Weekend means shopping in big showrooms and watching stupid movies; Holidays means a trip to Goa; Toys means costly and highly-non-friendly i-phones. More the stupidity, higher is your social status. Thanks to Facebook, Whatsapp and other platforms!

However, what is written above, is only the trailer- a beautiful clip shown from a big real story for the sole purpose of boasting about our lives. In reality, on the contrary, we're running madly, blindly after promotions, hikes, recognition, onsite trips, and God-knows-what-else. Not everyone would like to press Like button when you get any of these things. But still everyone manages to pass on  a big smile when he/she greets you. I am sure, the new generations will get used to this culture in sometime and take this to even higher levels where hypocrisy will be a natural  art.

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.