Before Your Office Becomes A Pressure Cooker!

Thursday, November 20, 2014 2 Comments

Hey, sorry about this last minute change in program. We have a project deadline. Can't take a leave! Really sorry!
Hey, I have a few birthday-cake deliveries pending. The orders came in last minute.. sorry can't come with you guys today.. Seems all the kids are born today only!
I really wanted to attend your wedding, but there was an impromptu shut-down in our power plant..
A day without this kind of mess at work now looks like a blue moon day; We are getting used to living in such kind of environments. But eventually, slowly, this utterly, untidy environment leads us to feel frustrated, pressurized, neglected, bored, or think-of-any-other-synonyms at our current jobs. The reaction when we are back home is -
But we can't help it. It's going to be like this only. All we can control is how we react to these situations. For sure, office should not be a pressure cooker! We should not feel constantly unhappy at a place where we gotta spend almost half of our every day. Then, what is the solution, if there is any? And i am sure that not only the employees are looking for its solution, but also the employers. Who wants their best employees to leave the firm any way?
So pals, before your office becomes a pressure cooker, let's figure out ways to be happy at work -


I feel that the best way to stop any negative vibes that we start to catch at work is to take a break- not necessarily a long trip to a hill side area which could be costly, but a small trip to a nearby children's school or non-profit-organizations, working in similar fields, can work well. One should not need to beg on his knees to ask for small breaks every once in a while.
Employers should also facilitate such trips and breaks. Most employers already sponsor expensive luncheons and dinners as a part of their team building exercises. Facilitating these trips would get employers multiple benefits: promotion of the their brand name by supporting social causes, a team building activity, happiness of their employees etc.

Yoga or Art of Living Classes-

They say "A healthy mind exists only in a healthy body". We already have thousands of scriptures written on the importance of Yoga or meditation in Hindu culture, which is also now being recognized universally. But even when we know its importance, we don't have the place or time where and when we can practice it. I feel if such amenities are provided by employers, it can largely benefit their employees. Not to mention that a healthy and fresh mind will definitely be far more productive at work than a stressed and tired one.

Spend Time With Children & Nature-

I am a firm believer of theories which claim that spending time with children can reduce your stress level to zero (and if there is no such theory, I am to coin one today). I say it again and again that please don't let "the-child-in-you" stop breathing!
Now what if you don't have children at your home; and how can an employer produce babies for you? This is tricky. I think that we can go to places where children are found the most: how about parks, play grounds, kindergartens etc?
After children, nature is the second best friend of us! So find a place where you can just watch trees, plants, flowers, butterflies, and relax your mind for sometime.

Indulge Into Your Hobbies-

We don't realize at what age we stop indulging into our favorite hobbies. But it's never late. Take sometime off for yourself to start indulging into your hobbies again. We should find some way, no matter what it takes, so our hobbies could become a part of our daily lives. This lets the mind to free itself from daily life tensions. We must engage ourselves with at least one activity which is our favorite time pass. If you don't get enough time at home to spend on your favorite activities, may be, on your way to the office you could play a game of words/ movies with our colleagues/ friends, or read your favorite authors etc. But don't just sit idle creeping about your current work pressure.
I hope you find above points useful! Thanks for reading till here. Comments, ideas, suggestions and feedback are heartily welcome!

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