Save Life of Birds :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011 0 Comments

        Can you see the bird's utter desire to get a drop of water in the hot summer season??? We have come across this plea several times, of providing water in pots, at some or other place in our homes and balconies, for the bird to get enough water when it is thirsty, especially in summers. We forward such messages, press the Like button on such appeals on facebook, share it and expect from others to do the same. But, do we ever work on ourselves, when someone makes such a plea??? Unfortunately, most of us will answer in NO.
        Today, when I came across the picture posted above, it really made me think of how many times I have read such a message and how many times have I filled a pot (Luckily! my family is not that careless)... I immediately went to my roof and made sure that the pot is full :) So, whenever you see this post, or read any such request, before forwarding or sharing it, make sure that you're making your bit to reach comfort to this beautiful creature of God, i.e. to save life of birds!

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