Caught by the Shopping Flu of the Wedding Season

Thursday, November 29, 2012 , 0 Comments

I am allergic. Of all the flus that have attacked me till date, "The Shopping Flu"- I claim to be the most harmful! I have seen this flu attacking on different people in different ways based on their calibre. Well, uptill now, for me, it has always been predictable, and I've known somewhere in my heart of hearts already about its depth and height. That is: how deep has been the infection and how high would have been the reaction. But my recent one-to-one with this flu, has been an unforgettable experience- both in terms of cost and worth!

I happened to land on Capital's famous Market of Karolbagh this weekend. I was excited to enjoy shopping  for a pair of salwar-suit that I would wear in my childhood friend's wedding at my hometown. I asked a friend of mine to accompany to help me buy the same. She was asked by some other friend from her PG, to help her in her Wedding Shopping. So because of  of overlapping of timing, cause and place, we decided to do the shopping together. Now we were a flock of 4 girls- me, my friend, my friend's friend & my friend's friend's friend!!!

We decided first to take a round of the entire market to have a glimpse of 'what's hot', and then to accomplish the shopping-mission. We were two girls out of four, who were supposed to buy salwar-suits, one for a bride herself, and one for a bridesmaid. Nothing else was the purpose of the shopping trip of the day! The rest two girls were supposed to accompany us, in order to help us make the better choice and grab the butter piece. Mind You- they came only for HELP. God bless them!

In an attempt to explore the market thoroughly, we got to see shops of all things and items we did and did not need. The target was of course the shop of suits and sarees. We entered in first decent shop of its kind that came our way. Inside it was such a fair- Ladies and Sarees...The girls that were getting married were surrounded by friends/ relatives- around them were nature's all colors present in one or other piece. We somehow found a corner for ourselves. Started looking for types of suits that we were interested in. After a lot of research and trials, we selected a couple of them. We decided to go and find out market rates for similar pieces, and ensured that if we come back in case nothing better at lower price is available, we will buy this one.

In mid of this research, a lot of things tried to allure me and my friends. I wanted to stop at stoles shop, other wanted to get some air in accessories shop, the would-be bride was lost in her thoughts of the beloved, we made sure that she doesn't loose the way and fourth of us was keeping an eye on her only. No need to mention that on our way to find the most reasonable-price-suit shop, we visited and checked all other shops too that had nothing to do with suit and salwar.

When the excitement crossed all its bounds, and we felt a unanimous liking for a shop that sells style bags and purses, we decided to stop for a while and take a look. With no intention to buy anything out of the plan, we went inside. The prices were so reasonable! I realized I would soon need a bag, as my daily-bag is on the verge of getting torn or I don't know what. I guess the other three had the same realization too. Soon we departed to all directions of the store and started looking for everything they were offering; from bags to sandals to bangles and so on. We came out in an hour or so, with heavy shopping bags with both hands full. We looked at each other, eyes were speaking more than words, nodded heads admitting that this would not happen again until at least we would buy what we had come to buy.

After checking all other suit shops, we discovered that prices were almost similar. Every new piece only looked different and better. Alas! The more options, the more confusion. The budget that was earlier about Rs. 2500, rose close to Rs. 4000 by now- a 60% hike!And as it stuck to me, I decided to go back to the first shop where it was still in limits to our budget line. We ran fast to that shop before they might have sold the piece off.

Now officially our purpose of shopping had been met. We were tired and hungry. Carrying any more baggages all the way to PG and hostel was unimaginable. The shopping flu had worked well and we were caught badly. Waiting for any longer there, would only help it spread more. It is so damn infectious!!! God save those poor fellows who are still glowing the market with their presence. As they don't know about this flu yet... It's enjoying spreading and having its presence everywhere. The wedding season has the so right temperature only to help it grow more... So friends, now you know both- its symptoms and effects, stay away! ;)

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