Chadhi Mujhe Yaari Teri Aisi, Jaise Daaru Desi

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 0 Comments

Are you a drinker? If yes, you must know the pleasure of getting lost in wines & beers.
It's something for want of which, the employees in the private companies work day in & day out, so that they can get bathed into beer tanks on the weekends. They call it one-stop-medicine for all kinds of pains & worries. Their life's major excitement revolves into kind of 'daarus' they will drink in the next party. They feel honored to show their true love for it. Sometimes it seems as if daaru-bottle is the hottest girl of the office, & life is just too good if these guys get to hold it the whole night. Hats off to the love & enthusiasm for daaru!

But if you're not a drinker and don't know how it feels when one is completely drunk, that too in 'desi daaru', do not worry! I believe, if one is fortunate enough to have one friend or a group of them, drowned into their friendship, one can feel the same, without facing the side effects!

They say when you die, if you've got 5 real friends, you've had a great life! (Four would give shoulders to the dead body, and fifth to comfort the loved ones.) I want to dedicate the rest of the article to those special, unique, 'kamine' breed of friends, who make my life a tasty treat, and without anybody's presence, I might miss out some serious ingredient from life's recipe:

The Naughty Kiddo: Some of my new friends belong to the category for whom one's mother warns her boy to stay away from in the childhood. Moms fear that these kids might distract her child from studies and instill some not-so-good habits. But having known all this, I still love them! They might not be the toppers in academics, but they top your heart when they are always there in adversity. These friends offer you cigarettes/ drinks every party. In a way they give you power to show resistance & stick to your guns. :D  

Break Promises, Make Hearts: Couple of my friends are those who make promises to break. They plan thousands of trips for weekend outings, but not one is ever executed. They will ask you to trust them every next time on what they said, but even God from the Upper House cannot make them do what they promised about. But wait, they will give away their last breathe for you, when you need it, even when they promised they would never do so. :D (Thank God, they break promises!)

The Restless Beetle: A friend of mine is a restless creature. She has more problems in life than India has as a whole. And if she doesn't have any problem, that becomes a problem in itself. She calls me up for telling her problems. If I give her a solution, she feels insecured. How on earth can a solution to her problem(s) exist, as if they are born to be immortal. She will convince you in the end that no one can solve them, as they're unique in nature and she will have to bear them on her own. I would still calm her by saying hundreds of good things. And whenever I get into some problem, I ring her, because after talking to her, I feel as if my problem just doesn't exist before hers. What a sigh of relief! lol... 

Forgetful-Careless Pals: A group of  my friends belongs to the most careless category of people in the world. They forget everything- birth-dates, anniversaries, movie plans & even exam-dates. They even forget in the end, what they have forgotten earlier. We have to call them up on every other friend's birthday to remind about it. And more importantly, we need to call them on exam mornings to recall about it & to NOT forget the admit cards! But trust me, they are kind of people who will never forget to be at your side when everyone else does. When you're all alone, they will know it and come to you, showing that they just came to recollect something forgotten. :-)

Happy-Go-Lucky Buddy:  This is kind of a person who gives lasting taste to every dish. His cheerful, vivacious attitude for life makes everyone around feel the same. He is ready for all hang-outs. He only bothers about the cake, doesn't care whose birthday party you're taking him to. No party can remain boring if he is present. You need such a friend to comfort yourself in all exceptional moods.

Nice & Wise: This kind of person is the base element of each recipe. He is all silent, calm, patient himself.  You think he doesn't care at all, because he doesn't say it; but he would know it all when you don't say a word. They are kind of people who like to be alone. They don't accompany you much to the parties, but when you need a shoulder to lay upon, theirs will be the first in the queue. He advises on what is wrong, you don't listen, he would still be at your side! :-)

I wish I were more lucky to explore every rest of the types! We meet people at all stoppages in the journey of life. We want some of them to accompany us to farther on. But not all can come along. Life has to go on, with or without them. Never mind- the earth is round, you will come across your favorite station once again!

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