A Free Moment

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 0 Comments

On Independence day, we're delivering services to our foreign clients. And why not, after all, Customer is King or let's say 'God', for the sake of attention and privileges they get from Indian Companies. And who dares to refuse them? 'Serving them' is something we've acquired in heredity only. And following our ancestors- is part of Great Indian Tradition.

Well this year's Independence day celebration has lot more in its package to unfold. Bollywood's special treat to the movie lovers, on a non-Friday! People should have something fresh to enjoy in theatre on a national holiday.

Shopping is another way to express our freedom. Big brands have flown attractive offers for shopaholics. Sale- sale - sale!!!! Buy 3, Get 1 free! Janta just doesn't mind paying double or triple of their actual worth for the rest 3 items. Freedom to shop in the 4th item for free is awesome.

Anti-corruption campaign is the flavor of the season these days. Baba Ramdev is full on after one year of setback. Joining him on 'Bring Black Money Back' rally is another way to express your commitment towards country. And if by any chance the money is back one fine day, you will be better off.

The list is never ending so as these social, economical, biological issues. Let's put them aside for a moment. Let all the shackles be broken. Can we not just feel like a free bird in the sky because we're commencing the proud moment of celebrating 65 years of Free India, "Sone ki Chidiya Dengue, Malaria
Gud bhi hai Gobar bhi... Bharat Mata ki Jai"

Jai Hind

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