Will you ever be mine?

Saturday, June 23, 2012 0 Comments

Not ready to believe on anything called love unknown,
But not able to ignore its existence when everywhere it's indeed shown
I never knew time would fly that high, Despite you telling me that all the time,
I trusted you on everything not this, I don't know why?

Nights have become longer, but there are no dreams anymore to crave for
Distances have become shorter, but there isn't one to whom fly for
Accounts are healthier than ever,  but nobody's birthday is that special anymore.
Using all type of smart phones is a fashion, but getting that first phone which connected me with you was a passion.

Travelling around the world has become so amusing and fun, but can't beet that intense feeling to run,
To just hold your hands for a short time, as because I knew they were all mine.

The sweetness of life is lost somewhere in salt-muddy water,
But your feeling is still like a shed in the hot-summer.
All the fatigue is gone, when I get your shoulders to lay upon.
This beauty can only become a full-moon, if I will get you in my life again as a boon...

I ask you many things in my loneliness, I pray many things for your goodness
I sing many songs in your remembrance, but 'will you ever be mine'- is my tune of all the time...

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