An experience of a few seconds but will be remembered for life time!

Thursday, September 08, 2011 0 Comments

Life seems good to me when it's full of adventures and new experiences...But when its a feeling of an earthquake that too of 6.6 intensity and your bed oscillates like some baby toy, adventures go to hell... :P
When I came to Delhi for the first time, I saw a new world. The slowest vehicles in Delhi were faster than the fastest vehicles of my hometown. From that day onwards, I have been adding lots of experiences to my life. Some are shocking, some are thrilling, some are really wonderful and enjoying. Adaptability is must to be adapted if you want to survive. So did I, adapted myself to this new life-style.
 Today I got the privilege of adding this unique experience to my life when my bed started oscillating while I was lying on it. Initially it seemed as if someone is shaking it, but as I looked around and found other things too in the room were trembling, my hair got raised. Immediately, we left the house and came to the street. My legs were shivering and it made my blood run cold. After some time, we observed that things were fine, we came back. Everything was in place, no danger, no harm. People of Delhi and surrounding areas resumed their positions. Life restarted moving on its track normally, but my heart was beating faster. An experience of a few seconds but will be remembered for life time...!

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