Everything changes, only Change is permanent...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 0 Comments

I've seen people changing their minds, styles, likes, dislikes, dressing sense, partners, feelings or almost everything. Even your skin also changes every 7 years. That means you are not the same person you were just seven years ago, nor physically, nor mentally and nor emotionally. Everything changes with time, only change remains constant.
Sometimes we find it difficult to accept the changes. Sometimes, we happily admit them, and in that case, it becomes difficult for others to see us changing that way... Whatever be the case, change is inevitable and you should learn accepting it... Because a change may occur for good, better and the best.
We often dislike many of our own habits like procrastinating things, not setting our priorities, short-temperamental reaction etc.. If we change them, it would be good for us. If you believe that a certain change in your daily schedule may result in betterment, then do it. If you feel that some particular habit of yours, irritate others, then change it. If change is making you a better, more sensible, more reliable, more productive person then do not afraid in implementing sucha change.
We have got only one life to do all the things, to fulfill all the dreams, to live every moment to its best. Do the necessary changes in you to make your life a worth!

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