Dear papa & mama, please be with me!

Sunday, September 18, 2011 0 Comments

 Whenever you get into a discussion with your elders, before getting into their shoes, please remember that they may be right in their own old ways. It's true that the way India has emerged in last few decades, has created a huge ideological gap in exisiting generations. Doing the things which earlier were like touching the moon have now become a child's left hand game. Making a trunk call to a relative residing at a far town, that too at a very high expense, after long wait, with low sound quality, has magically turned into a one-button pressing, which a two year child would do for you, if you are unable to understand the new technology mobiles (no matter, you are a graduate, and were a topper of some recognized university running in British era). The sudden jump in technology and specially the emergence of internet to such a great extent, have helped creating this gap in generations more and more. This is the reason, why it's really difficult and almost impossible for my grand father to understand that this phone call is for FREE since I have had installed some free talk-time-tariff into this mobile phone. Everytime he says, "There must be atleast some charge involved"; as nothing had he ever tried for free in his entire life. The way this generation casually uses luxurious items, be it laptop, smart phones, or cameras, our parents and grand parents have used even the most lightly and cheapest things that day in a more careful and better way.
But despite this huge change-in minds, styles, behaviours, ideas, the theme of our life-songs resemble thoroughly, and sometimes overlap too. Just as a beautiful symphony can never be identified by its individual nodes, it's liked the way it's played, similarly, besides this mixture of old and new ideas, the combo of the two generations is most successful pair in our country. The oldest in the home spends most of his time with the youngest. The adults spend their entire lives fulfilling their child's and parents' wishes. This is the way a normal Indian family lives. Before leaving home at the time of joining my very first company, I would have many reasons to avoid being home early, but today I look for a hundred of reasons at my job to allow me home, only for a short time. Leaving hometown to start my career has been the toughest phase of my life, and now I could only wish and pray, Dear papa & mama, please be with me!

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