Knock at your heart

Monday, July 11, 2011 0 Comments

They say that happiness is enjoyed best and sorrows are felt less when shared by people dear n near. And it's the reason why humans are superior than any other species. The care & love we get from and we give to, makes us special in this world. When we get lost while searching for newer sources of happiness, looking for different modes of comfort, then only, we realize the importance of people who were always with us, how necessary were their company.
Just knock at your heart, and see if there is anyone waiting for you in the home inside. If you find someone opening the door for you or not. If your knock is answered by someone, then they are the ones, who really love you and whom you actually love. They are your dearest buddies. Those who have been with you in your all times n with those you feel the world as a heaven.
So stop reading it here only and check who opens your dooor....!

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