Smile... that's all! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011 0 Comments

As I came across this image today while surfing net, my first reaction was a smile... :). It reminded me of a fact that is an exception in mathematics. I'm talking about the only curve discovered so far that can straighten things..., of course it's a smile :). But my recent hectic schedule made me forget that... and this image is giving me a new reason to come back to my idea and start smiling again. Nature tells us time by time that the ultimate goal of life is to make others happy by your presence and be yourself happy doing that.
However tough conditions might be, a smile can help you in easening things to a bit or more. So, just smile and enjoy your life, because the time you have today, will not come back. So why to waste that time in mourning, why not do things in joyous manner. Why to give yourself stress by taking life as a burdon... Leave things behind before you go to sleep, give a smile to yourself and get up in the morning with the same, things will be better!

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