Happy Days

Thursday, March 17, 2011 0 Comments

College-Life is often said to be the happiest phase of life... May be because it's the time when you get to explore each dimension within you, without worrying for anything (except for CAREER, definitely), no responsibilities as such. You can give your time to yourself as much as you want (it is worthless to mention here that as you become older and older, you hardly get time for yourself). You can spend the whole day with your friends, doing nothing. You can be super busy with no work at all. You don't get time to finish your assignments because a lot of movies are still unfinished(/unwatched). You just can't wake up early for classes because you simply can't restrain yourself from late night computer-sitting habit and alike. You can chit-chat with your friends very seriously on most useless topics. You can go to the college daily without attending any classes for a week or more. You can pass hundreds of messages to everyone in the phone book, which carry no meaning and thanks to Reliance and its fellow Service Providers for being so kind for making this great facility so cheap that every student can easily afford it (I wish, had they sold books in that rate, life would be so easier... Alas!). You can stick to your dabba-phone with friends discussing theirs and yours love affairs...or add any other important thing from your side if I'm missing to mention here... So all in all, it is a great time because it is yours and you are your only master. And it's the very reason why these are often termed as Happy Days.
In this world, amongst thousands of colleges, there exist small groups, and each group has a group dynamics. Every single groups is special for its fellow members. We get a lot of comfort being in our core friend circle. We love, we fight, we praise, we criticize, we laugh, we cry..and that's what makes our group special for us, because we can't do these things with anyone else. In the happy time, we always look for our core companions to share the spirit of the moment, in time of sorrows, we need shoulders to share our grief..We get this special touch of friends throughout college life. Though friends are life-time companions, but we can't always be together physically with each other except the college time. So, friends, realize the importance of the Happy Days. Those who have passed this phase, make sure that you still care for your friends who used to be your Happy Days fellows, those who are living this phase, make it a worth by giving your 100% to this life and those who are expecting to have it, get ready for a blast of happiness..! :)

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