The Art of Giving

Sunday, March 13, 2011 0 Comments

As one goes through the literal meaning of the Art of Giving, one may think it's about how much you are willing to give your possessions to others. But, the definition is not confined to this much just, it's far beyond that. When you give something to someone, it may not add any Punya to your account maintained by the Almighty. Despite the fact, that you have given your favorite thing to the concerned person or alike.
There are certain things that count here in art of giving- What you give, When you give, How you give and to Whom you give? If you give your something to someone, when he/she needs it more than you do, without any want in return, in a humble way then it's called real giving. And this giving then adds to the asset of the Punyas earned by you through your entire life. But, here also, The Real Art of Giving is to give without even want of earning of punyas. And in that case, it counts really high!
They say that "no act of kindness, doesn't matter how small, ever goes in waste!". So ultimately giving to God's devotees is directly connected to taking care from God for your future references.:)
So next time, whenever you get a single chance of giving to someone, don't loose your chance of winning by saying NO, rather earn it by making it count high to your account...!

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