Tuesday, March 22, 2011 0 Comments

Today (22nd March) is celebrated as World Water Day. Seems as the day is not far when they will celebrate all 365 days of an year as dedicated to something, like Tea Day, Coffee Day, Pepsi Day etc... But jokes apart, the importance of water is not just limited to being a drink, rather our numberless daily-life activities are performed with the help of water only in some way or other. Can we imagine a single day of our life without water??? Imagine what will happen if we wake up and we don't have water to rinse mouth & brush teeth, we don't get water to have a bath, we don't get water to cook food and definitely don't get it to drink. It's really hard to even imagine. So now we can understand that this resource which we have taken for granted to use (for free) to an unlimited amount, can become extinct one day for us too, if we don't use it properly. The increasing scarcity of this resource is surely gonna make it next source of global hegemony.. So let's do our bit to SAVE WATER!!!!

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