Yes, We Park The Womanhood Outside The Office Gates!

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I am no longer a woman when I enter my office premises. I am just an individual who is as capable of anything as are you; and I make every bit of effort at work as do you; and I deserve equal recognition as do you; and I feel proud about myself at the end of the day as do you.
In one of my last projects I received a warm response on my work from a client who was otherwise quite unhappy with our team’s work. One of my colleagues responded with the comment that clients are generally cool/ easy/ happy with women employees in the project. So if that’s true, does the client no longer want his work to be done, and does he feel happy to just have some amusing conversations with women at the cost of a highly paid critical project? I am sure we do need some logical explanation here to satisfy this awkward perception.
We know that the quality of work is something that cannot be compromised under any circumstances. So why being a woman would give an edge over others at the cost of the quality? Let’s evaluate a few points-
Do women get some extra perks to compensate for their supposed incompetency – like extra leaves for “those” days of month, less working hours, less responsibilities or chance for mood swings to accommodate hormonal changes etc.? I guess, they don't. And ironically there are yet no policies in most firms that address the issues that women face every month due to biological differences.
So when all working conditions remain same for men and women, I am sure, the latter ought to offer equal at work, and park their womanhood outside the office premises for their survival.
For those of us who are judgmental with woman co-workers, I hope this small note will help in refreshing a few facts that though remain unsaid in the corporate world, but are true and prevalent at all levels.
Thanks for reading till here. If you have any comments, differing opinion or suggestion, please write in comments. I will be very happy to know your views.

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