How Often Do We Ponder Upon Our Development Areas?

Friday, February 20, 2015 0 Comments

In a recent interview, with a very professional, and humble organization, I was asked a question -"What are your strengths, that you attribute to your success so far?" I was happy; I answered in length, and probably the interviewer was happy and satisfied too with my answer. Then came the next question, "What are your development areas, that you think are holding you back from being successful so far?" I got little nervous; I started pushing my brains to answer in a way such that I don't like a dumb, but could satisfy him at the same time. Then came the next question, and I was out, blank, and numb,
"What are you doing to work on your 'development areas'?"
For a moment, I felt like saying, "I am doing nothing, because that's what I am; that's how I am; and why should I change myself anyway?" But surely, I couldn't give an answer like that to an interviewer as decent as him. I had to be formal and decent myself, and project in a way so that it appears that I am really concerned about my weaknesses, and that I really want to turn them into my strengths.
I don't know how that interview went, and what feedback that my interviewer had about me after that 30 minutes inter conversations, but I surely have had a great lesson of my life. It made me think how often do I try to be better, both professionally and personally. Do I really realize my weaknesses that have been holding me from achieving my goals? Do I do anything at all to overcome those weaknesses once I have realized? Do I have a development plan to turn them into my strengths one day?
I hope this small note from my experience give you also a chance to ponder upon your "development areas". And also, if you have any good ideas, suggestions, feedback, please write in comments. Your comments are valuable for everyone who is reading this article!
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