The Great Indian Husbands Paradox

Tuesday, January 06, 2015 1 Comments

The beloved Mrs. X is not very happy today, or tomorrow, or just ever!

Mr. X comes back from work, tired and stressed up, hoping to see the beautiful face of his beloved wife and forget all the compliments (idiot, you-know-nothing, can-you-do-one-thing-properly?. etc.) the boss has made to him in the office today. But guess what, the beloved Mrs. X is not very happy today, or tomorrow, or just ever! The pathetic Mr. X wants to get an instant remedy, but Mrs. X has so many complaints to make before even offering her husband a glass of water. That's okay. Mr. X has vowed to be super patient during the seven rounds of the holy wedding ceremony. Though, nowhere this vow was stated, but still understood by one and all, unanimously.

Baffled Mr. X doesn't know what to do now. He may choose to have dinner silently and go to bed. But this would have dire consequences, may be not tomorrow, but after an year. This outrageous behavior ("not fighting, and quietly sleeping") of Mr. X will be noted by Mrs. X in her private diary and be used as a weapon in totally unrelated matter in future.
So Mr. X has to get over this matter now, today itself. He would listen to a long story of what happened with Mrs. X's mood; who all were involved in the process of mood spoiling; who did what; in fact if anybody had done anything for real or is it only a matter of many if's and perhaps and imagination by Mrs. X's. Well, God only knows!

Mr. X has to make a quick decision. The more he delays, the worse this all may get. Whichever way, it's Mr. X whose ass is going to be on fire. So finally, he decides to ask nothing- about the mood. Instead, he starts praising his wife. He makes some unusual compliments that he has saved for days like this. He digs the hidden words from his dictionary (from his past experiences, of course) and uses them one by one. Well, this is like an all time solution, a one stop medicine for all pains of our great Indian wives. Mrs. X has forgotten the matter, for now! They are happily going to bed. God save Mr. X in the future whenever Mrs. X picks up this issue again and again and again..!  

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