The Truth Behind The Masks We Are Wearing

Friday, January 09, 2015 0 Comments

Now a days if you have to travel to see your guy or girl from Noida-to-Gurgaon, they call it a long-distance-relationship!

We hear all the time people babbling about their eligible bachelor kids as a package of "IIT x + IIM y".

Gone are the days when guys used to run after their girls for days and months, hoping to hear them say 'Yes' to their marriage proposals. Though bollywood still continues to base movies on stories like this - as we recently saw in 'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya' or 'Dawat-e-Ishq'- they no longer tune up with the tech savvy era we are living in. Now a days if you have to travel to see your guy or girl from Noida-to-Gurgaon, they call it a long-distance-relationship! A breakup seems easier than sticking to one girl or guy and waiting forever.

Writing letters in your handwriting or waiting for a trunk call don't happen in this age. You're connected with your friends and foes 24x7 now. Every second there is an update from your network. Somebody is getting married or breaking up or traveling to places or going back home or taking a bath or pee or feeling happy, sad, excited, jealous etc. Though "feeling jealous" is not something that Facebook is providing as a status yet, but it doesn't mean that we are becoming better human beings; even if we don't have the ‘Dislike’ button, we do dislike the updates from our network; even if we have the option of updating our Facebook status as "Looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend", and even if we're dying to have this as our status, we don't want that transparency in our complicated love lives.

We are seeing newer versions of the way "relationships" are defined these days. The angle has been twisted, from how-to-make-the-guy/girl-fall-in-love-with-you to how-to-take-the-guy/girl-to-a-date, and then to how-to-get-rid-of-the-last-date etc. By identifying the patterns of Facebook likes, Whatsapp Status, Profile Pics, Moods, Tweets etc, it's really difficult to come to a astute conclusion about somebody's relationship status. Because you see, the patterns are erratic. The couples don't update their relationship status as "committed" out of fear of relatives or colleagues etc. The singles don't update their relationship status as "Looking for a relationship" out of fear of I-don't-know-what. So there is too much hypocrisy and pretentiousness.  The social networking profiles are becoming tools to fake and blabber about your ‘good’ image, which may be far from your real one.

 Guys are given preference for package and profile, and girls for looks and style, over everything else worth mattering. We hear all the time people babbling about their eligible bachelor kids as a package of "IIT x + IIM y". The funnier part is that it’s not even real. These brats somehow get enrolled in a weekend program or a distance learning one, just to be associated with a leading university or college. They want to use the college brand for negotiation in matrimonial affairs (and job interviews). If they are settled in abroad, even better! I wonder if it is all which matters in a serious marital consversation? Ironically, we all are happily running in this race, hoping to win it first. Nobody knows what to prove, and to whom exactly, but we are willingly trying very hard to do so!

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