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Freedom is a state of your mind; a methodology by which you choose to live your life - knowingly, willfully or otherwise. It cannot be enforced or granted. It can only be achieved, achieved by your- and only your- wish. The more you beg for it, the more you allow them to rule over you. You must be free from all shackles - in actions, and thoughts. But you can free yourself up, only when you realize the need of your freedom.

If you are not free, you are nothing but a dependent function that takes inputs from all rest of the world for everything you do. You never know when the combination of those input "x's" makes the value of your "y" zero. Your life revolves around the lives of others. You only think of what pleases them. You want to keep them happy, so that they let you survive and live your life - a life which is not even yours from the day you learned to depend on the rest of the world for your survival. So in a way you do all this to live a life that is only borrowed from them- borrowed in all possible ways. Your manners, likes, dislikes, choices, priorities and everything else you could think of are nothing but a reflection of their's. You need to pass in the examinations, behave in the most decent ways, not break the rules - "why?", so you could prove yourself, your mettle, your worth - "to whom exactly?".

A free mind lets you get out of your comfort zone, and create your own rules for your survival. Anything, anything at all, that stops you from thinking free must be renounced. Your personal interest must be your prime objective of life. If you are very habitual of being slave, and it's hard to get out of that state, be a slave, but to your freedom. Freedom is a matter of choice. Choose it!

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