Arabic Business Class Experience

Saturday, August 16, 2014 0 Comments

Recently, I got the privilege of spending a few hours on the airport of Abu Dhabi. Those few hours sufficed to let me experience their renowned, and rich arabic culture. Actually my experience started to count right from the time I entered the business-class suite of the United Arab Emirates National Airlines- Etihad, in New Delhi airport. 

I still remember the comforting notes of the arabic music that was being played inside the plane; the lavish maroon color sheet that covered the off white seats; the whitish brown carpet that provided a nice contrast to the beautiful interior of cubicles; the glittering sparkles on the ceiling over dark that gave the feel of sleeping in a galaxy between the stars and moon; and the delicious exotic fruits and drinks picked from the best parts of the world that gave the finest dining experience. It seemed as if every minute thing was given detailed attention. I was so busy enjoying it that I could not realize where those few hours were spent on and when my flight was landed on Abu Dhabi airport.

Men and women, beautifully dressed in white and black clothes from head to toe, welcomed me on airport as a part of their hosting culture. The next few hours that I had to spend on airport until my connecting flight was ready, seemed too less to admire its complete beauty and feel the luxury. I was ready to set for my next destination with the beautiful memories I have had there. I hope some day I would get the chance to explore the more of arabic culture.

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