From Applying for US VISA to Finally Arriving at New York - the Land of Dreams

Sunday, June 29, 2014 2 Comments


I did extensive research on how to qualify the-one-minute-VISA-interview, and get the most coveted US VISA approved; How to convince, or, rather say, impress them in just one minute that I am qualified to travel to their country on a business trip. Once a VISA is rejected, you can't complain about it. All you can do is to go through that whole process over again, only to accept the rejection for the second time and by extension making yourself almost ineligible for VISA application after three consecutive rejections. The interview is very much like other Indian competitive examinations selection process, in which also you don't know the reason behind your rejection; no answer-sheet is ever shared, nor any question-key ever published; After spending the whole year, or sometimes, years, all you're left in the end is with your mark-sheet on which your destiny is written by the people in power and position.

On a smoky, foggy and chilly morning of December, I appeared for my US VISA interview. A massive spiral queue, that I joined, had people from all caste, color, creed, occupation, gender and age having their own reasons: old eyes waiting to have a glimpse of their children who are now settled in the U.S.; students hoping to get admissions in their dream universities; wives wishing to get their dependent VISA's approved to finally be with their NRI husbands; and many others like me who just wanted to have their childhood dreams to travelling to the U.S. realized.


It was like a dream come true when I finally had JFK tickets in my hands. I could literally feel butterflies in my stomach.It seemed as if the earth were rotating with a speed so high that I could feel it, or I were flying in the seventh sky. I wanted to shout at the top of my voice. I knew nothing but that finally my dream to travelling to a foreign country on my own was going to be realized. My excitement knew no bounds. I never thought that my first trip in an airlines would be an international business-class trip.

I had not the slightest idea what all surprises were waiting to be unveiled there.


I saw a rare combination of technology and nature, witnessed a perfect balance of glamour and humbleness, experienced a sheer, fine contrast of freedom within the boundaries of rules and regulations. I couldn't speak but one word -"Wow!".  I have heard people say all my life, "You are young and so you haven't seen enough of this world yet"; now come to me and I will tell you how it feels like to see the land of lands, to smell in the garden of dreams, to live in the city of New York.

I have had plenty of such experiences when I found people friendlier than in my own country. I remember asking them for directions-to-an-umbrella-shop or nearest-path(metro)-station, they would explain me again and again until I was convinced and properly understood, and if that didn't suffice, they would take me in person to that place or shop and be there til my purpose was met.

To Be Contd...

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  1. I've never been lucky enough to visit New York but I would love to.
    I'll look forward to reading more of your adventures.

  2. Thanks for writing in Paul! I hope you get to visit your fav places. Would love to read your stories too!! :-)