For All Those Who Lost Their Mobile(s)

Saturday, January 21, 2012 0 Comments

Better the piece you loose, more would be the amount of condolence you receive... 
Welcome to the Real World!- that's what my colleagues said when they heard I lost my mobile.
I never had any past experience of loosing mobile(s). Loosing first smart phone, bought from own salary, that too a newly wed one, is really ironical. Realizing this fact was very painful. But what next! Nothing can be done for a lost item. Once it's gone, it is gone forever.

I needed condolences from every friend and relative. But how to call them? No contacts backup! And who remembers anybody's mobile number these days? So, I started to gather some pathy from near ones. Though, they didn't show much. Despite, started suggesting me what are better options available in market. Huh!

I thought to update my status on all Social Networking sites, primarily facebook. As it's the best place where people unanimously enjoy doing nonsense things. Everyone who is online on Facebook has enough useless time to give someone condolence for loosing their iPads/ iPhones/ laptops/ first love letter/ last love letter/ break-up notes etc etc...

Better the piece you loose, more would be the amount of condolence you receive... . If you have any photograph of the lost item, it will help even more. Attach that photo with your status; it withdraws people's attention giving higher momentum.

Asking for condolence on social networking sites for a lost the so called iSeries phone, is the best way to show how rich and dude you are (or better say were). As you're not directly telling them that you possess these luxurious items, but you are just showing that you're sad and want some sympathy from them. 

Now is the time to judge your real friends. (A friend in need is a friend indeed! ) 
True friends would inquire you how you lost it. Good colleagues would suggest to lodge an FIR. Close relatives would advise to ask your parents for a better new mobile. But the best of all friends, would click on "Like" Button on this status... (lol)

They say time is the best healer and soon you would forget this dabba phone too! And if it's still hard to do so, you always have an option to buy the similar piece from market or try even a better one. 'Lost things never come back'- kinda sayings do not hold these days anymore! So all the fun apart, start saving more bucks from salary to pocket in the hottest piece again. And if you loose it in future ever again, it would not be that painful ..;) After all, experience DOES matter in industry!!! :D

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