The New Season in Delhi: Auto Expo 2012

Monday, January 09, 2012 2 Comments

The biggest Automotive show in India and the only complete Automotive show in world is the 11th Auto Expo 2012! Everyone in Delhi wants to witness this great show whether or not they understand the reason behind its grandeur. This is the speciality of we all Indians actually. We just want to become the part of the crowd. If a lot of people are doing something, we'd just go and blindly join them. Be it Anna Hazare Movement or something just out of the blue.
So these days, the season in Delhi is NOT Winters, but Auto Expo 2012! In this foggy, rainy and chilly weather, people of Delhi besides sitting at home enjoying winters, are going to watch this Automotive exhibition. Hats off to the level of enthusiasm of the Mango People, the Aam-janta of Delhi!  People from all caste, creed, age, status, color have joined this rally. On auto-rickshaw, bus, metro, car, scooter and if not getting any of these, then on their eleven number rail (walking;). Aaah, what a crowd for a show!

But when they reach there and see the panorama of show pieces, all the fatigue is forgotten. When they get to watch beautiful hot models in every display ground, they bless the organizers from bottom of the heart. Now they are not bothered anymore to watch the bikes on display but the lady who is riding on it. Guys are busy shooting it. Models are busy showing off. A few interested in vehicles would actually be taking a look at them. Rest all are posing themselves for photographs.
You can imagine how much the halls would be crowded there. But finding a very long queue of janta outside a hall was a surprise for me. To find the end point of the queue, I traveled many miles but the queue was not stopping even then. I wonder, do they ever wait for that long before any temple? May be not. Because here, something more than that was on display, the Ferrari and the Ducati. :D
Now if you're tired a bit and feel hungry, go to the Pragati Maidan's Food Court. A 20 Rs. Mazza bottle is being sold in 50 Rs. What a nice way of generating income; selling items 2.5 times their actual MRP's! But even there, it seems as if some prashad (food devoted to God) is being distributed for free. The mango people is now not concerned about rates, corruption, dearness issues. A thirsty throat just wants water, be it at any price.
Many good things inside other halls are still waiting for your snap shots. Even if it's too stuffy inside, janta would go. They are joining all rallies one by one irrespective of the fact that the things on display are already launched ones. But watching the entire show gives Indians a great feeling, which is called Paisa Vasool! ;)
I also don't want to return home that soon...may be because returning home is again like riding Everest, in Delhi these days... 

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