When you have a moment...

Sunday, October 09, 2011 0 Comments

Science & Technology has grown up to such an extent that today there are machines which can do almost every thing that we can even think of. It has helped a lot in saving time, manpower, resources etc... But this generation is still very busy. We have so many things to do every day on our own that a machine can't do for us. For example, sitting on facebook for an hour, gossiping around the water cooler, looking at current fashion trends, spending sometime with our favourite cellphone etc.. We've become so busy doing these so many things that today we have no time for even ourselves. We've forgotten about the promises that we'd made years ago to some dear ones. We've stopped bothering about their problems. Now, we have no time for those, who used to be our dearest companions or are our family members/relatives.
When you have a moment, think of those very special people, give your little amount of time to them from your super busy life, rather leaving a comment or posting on their facebook wall, just give them a call and say 'hi', you will feel your heart light, happy & peaceful and somehow you'll find more time to perform other tasks that you had to put on hold for this purpose! When you have a moment, just give it to yourself!!!

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