A Note on International Day of Elder Persons (1st Oct)

Saturday, October 01, 2011 0 Comments

People who get love and care from their grand-parents are more than just blessed. They say that "God could not be everywhere, so He gave us parents", and by this theory, grand parents are the parents of God, so the amount of debt we owe to them, is surely inexpressible in words and far beyond calculations
Like an old banyan tree, that gives us oxygen, shelter, food, without wanting any thing in return except water for its nourishment so that it can flourish back, an elder person is the one who loves us the most in childhood, saves us from our parents' scoldings when we do some notorious activities, holds our fingers to teach how to walk, instills good values in us to make us better persons, guides us throughout so we can avoid making mistakes by their past experiences, becomes your best friend when you want someone from family to share your inner fears, but you're afraid of telling this to your parents, and wants just a small amount of love, care, respect back when you're young enough and you have a big friend circle, job, your entire new world.

There are many Indian families that humiliate elder people because of their so-assumed uselessness, which results into growing need of old homages. I don't understand that why we forget this very fact that all of us have to go by that old phase one day, and the way we'll teach our children to behave with their grand parents, the same way our grand children will treat us. Why do we forget that cutting the root of the tree will shatter its branches, will dry its fruits and leaves and thus it will cause loss to us only?

On International Day of Elder Persons, celebrated world wide by WHO on 1st Oct, I make a pledge to all the youngsters, who are big enough to hold their responsibilities, and intelligent enough to take any elder's advice now, that if you love yourself, if you're proud of your status, if you enjoy the facilities given in this new technical world, and you want to thank those who have suffered and sacrificed their lives to give you the kind of living standard you've today, then, help the people in older generations, in any possible way that they need, to oblige yourselves only.

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