Thank God, You are with me!

Monday, June 06, 2011 0 Comments

I'm being super nostalgic… lost in the memories of the past. How much have I waited for this day, but now, when it has really come, I don't wanna move. In my childhood, whenever I saw big girls, who looked so beautiful in long hair and make-up, shopped from fancy showrooms as much as they wanted, drove cars as fast as the traffic allowed then, I used to get titillated. Their world looked an oyster to me. I always wanted to be one such a lady: smart, beautiful, independent, confident, vital… Luckily, I'm turned into one; not as perfect as my dream image were, but, it's the same phase of life, which I always wanted to live forever. But, guess what… Now things have changed. Shopping seems as a duty to just update myself with fashion and style. Kids appear to me the happiest creatures on the earth. No worries, no work, only masti & fun… Kindergarten looks the best place in the world. Oh God, I wanna take admission there again, start my career from K.G. and stop at K.G. too… I don't wanna grow up.

Why are we loosing the beauty of life? The innocence of childhood is stolen by some devil. Why grown-up means leaving your family behind and move to a far town alone? Why everywhere it's only lies and cheating? Society has become a permanent home of evil doers…and living a life of simplicity has become an obsolete art… Why???

Life means to move on…. And now, I can only pray God to give me the strength to face things with courage and wisdom, to help create that innocence again in our hearts… Everywhere I will go, God would be accompanying me. Everything else can change, but same idols, same belief, same values will be everywhere… Thank God, You are with me!

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