Internet Mania, social networking 24x7 and its side effects

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My first hand experience with internet
 In my school time, I was totally unaware of the Internet World as such. I had used it only for viewing results online. So, after completing my Intermediate, I too felt of having an e-mail id of my own, in order to make myself updated with the change in technology, or say, demand of time. Therefore, I joined a computer institute, where, I created my first Yahoo account, learned all about chatting and heard a bit of social networking. Although, I joined it to learn computer basics and a programming language named C, but I could hardly understand that time even the ABC of C. By the time summer vacations ended, I was able to seek my seat in a top engineering college of state.
 After settling down in college, I got infected by internet and its side effects, once again. I heard a lot about a social networking site named Orkut. Those days, it was a common question among teenagers that if you had an Orkut account and those who didn't, were seen as backwards. I was surprised to see my colleagues who didn't even exchange a single word in college, talked for hours via sending scraps in Orkut, and that too in a rate faster than The United States of America bombarded on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Even sometimes Orkut itself requested them not to send scraps in that rate as the number had crossed its buffer-limit. I noticed that they had everyone in the so called friend-list of Orkut, who were not their friends indeed.
Soon, I realized that social networking is fake. It's not about connecting with people near and far, but a mere connection of girls and boys and a platform more economical and cheap than college-canteen for flirting, where they don't need to spend money on girls to impress them, no place for being spotted by parents & seniors and where they can pretend themselves to be the best persons in the world ever born. These things helped me in drawing a fact thatOrkut is for Chirkuts (idiots)” and by replying with this remark only, I somehow managed to answer why I didn't have one account there and saved myself from being treated as a sluggish.
My first appearance in a social networking site
        One fine day, my friend insisted me to open an account in Gmail, and that automatically created an Orkut account by default. So, now it was my turn to be called as a chirkut. But, by the time I joined Orkut, it was almost obsolete from the market and Facebook was the new matter of interest. So this time, I didn't take more time to make my appearance there.
I feel, Facebook is the only book published so far, which the students from all over the world have liked so much. Facebook has also been proved to be a better tool of flirting. Here, you don't just get the pleasure of flirting with your direct so called online friends, but also, with friends of friends, with friends of friends of friends and so on. You get the honor of liking & commenting on beautiful pictures posted by people, who are not directly connected with you (soon they will, once you make a smart comment over there). Facebook has also taught us to be highly optimistic in life. Today, it provides us with the Like Button only, which leaves no chance of disliking things. Whatever anyone writes, people like it there (for always being in top list of recent users), no matter, they mean it or not.
As my graduations was approaching to its end, I thought of opening an account in LinkedIn too, because it was for professionals and I too had to tell the world that now I am turning into one. Luckily, there was no scope of flirting and it proved to be a great platform for me to make actual professional connections and in getting me a job in my dream company. So this was the first time when I had an impression on my heart that the social networking is not that bad.
Caught by internet mania
After getting a satisfactory job, I became super active on social networking sites. I searched many of my old friends and connected with them after a long time. One day, I read somewhere that Rajnikanth himself has joined Twitter, I couldn't stop myself from joining it then after. After completing my profile there, I realized one more benefit of being a member in Twitter. It gives you freedom to follow anyone who is a part of it. I guess now boys have got an authorized platform to follow girls of their choice, publicly.
Now, I too am an active member in almost all networking sites. Facebook asks me, "What's on your mind?"; Twitter asks, "What's happening?"; Foursquare asks, "Where are you?": The internet seems to have been turned into a crazy boyfriend. Anyway, good or bad, it is a great experience being a part of social networks and an internet user. The most phenomenal one to mention is to help me in pursuing my intense desire of writing and sharing my thoughts with the world outside, via Blogging. Despite my own hundreds of complaints about Internet & Social Networking, I became a victim of it. Internet has helped me transforming from a simple girl of a small town into a cosmopolitan of the new era. I have heard about a lot of manias before, but Internet Mania is my first own experience, and suffering from it, is a great fun!

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