LIFE means:

Thursday, March 03, 2011 0 Comments

Every one of us wants to live his/her life to its fullest. We want it a complete package of happiness and in order to make it free of all kinds of hurdles, we keep on doing things on our parts. But what life exactly means??
Though it is a very wide term to explain and one has to live hundreds of lives to understand life and even then it is not enough, but to my understanding: Life means to move on and accept everything that comes to our way with a positive attitude. Only then you can have a flavour of happy-life in your life. 
Change is an inevitable part of life, or say life is about accepting changes or how well you fit yourself in life's ever fluctuating curve where there are times when gradient of this curve is zero, and you need to prove yourself hard and also there are times when it becomes exact one when you just bask in the glory of something achieved recently otherwise it is between 0 and 1. Actually life's curve is a sum of infinitesimally small straight lines, that means if you see it from a closer view, you will find no fluctuation, but if you look at it overall, then you will find a curvature. Whenever you find your life trapped in difficult situations, just cut them smaller and smaller, and then face each problem with courage and intelligence and handle them all like a straight line. So whatever is the current gradient of your life's curve, just make yourself that way to compensate its effect in order to have a smoooth going.
The discussion may go longer because it's about something agile and ever moving topic. As my life is moving, and I'm meeting with different situations, I'm getting to know it better. 
So the post will be continued...

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