Mamma, I wanna be a kid again...

Friday, February 25, 2011 1 Comments

Beautiful were those days, when we needed not to worry for any thing in this whole world. Everything seemed as a toy, be it the costliest bone-china crockery or the precious documents of grand-pa & I wonder that nobody scolded even if we ruined things to an unrecoverable stage. Mamma always loved us, no matter we spilled milk onto her new branded saari. Whenever we woke up, we started crying, giving mamma a signal that your baby needs you and mamma was always ready with our milk-bottle and alike stuff.
The more I dive into the memories of that golden days, the more I miss you and your touch, Mamma. Life was so simple at that time because you followed me everywhere. You used to watch my each step, warned me not to go on dangerous paths, held my hands firmly when it was a rough surface & picked me up in your arms when I could no longer move on. You took care of my lunch, of my brunch, of my dinner and gave me the most healthy and tastiest food ever. You always were around me, when I looked up for help.
But, today, as I wake up and look around, I don't find your sweet face, mommy!; rather I am gheraoed by an endless list of daily-life tensions. I find, everybody is running in some race and wants to win this race either by hook or crook & nobody is bothered at all that how much it may hurt to those whom he/she stabs for winning it.
Today, when I walk alone on this busy metro-road, sometimes I get so frightened by the fast moving vehicles that pass nearby & I wish that I could get your hand to help me cross it. When I eat anything, I can only think of the taste of your delicious food. When I close my eyes, I wish to see only you in my dreams and the best thing in the world could be to see You in reality when I open them up.
I know Mamma, that you too miss me the same way I do, but I have to be here to realize my dreams, and I am sure, that one fine day, I will be able to meet all your expectations & make my dreams true. I will come to you that day, will hide in your arms, will sleep in your lap as I used to do in my childhood days. As nothing in the whole world can give me more pleasure than these things do. That's why I crave, Mamma, I wanna be a kid again...!

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  1. wonderful and indeed nostalgic....really heart touching creation and insights..wish we cld come back to our past and relive those moments....