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I am thinking to have a very productive Sunday. I am gonna do exercise to cut on the extra calories I have taken up in last few weeks (or I guess months); catch-up on all the national news I have missed; clean-up my room, and by extension the entire house; arrange my wardrobe; organize my work-table; and so on and on and on. I have basically a list of a hundred things which I have not done in time immemorial, to finally undertake this Sunday! Hurrey!

I kept thinking about it for an hour or so, taking a sip of late-night Saturday tea, having a glimpse of some tv shows, listening to my favourite songs, I dozed off a little late as opposed to my plan, and woke up after midnoon on Sunday!

"Well, exercise - I can do tomorrow! Let me start with cleaning room. Oh no, but it will be almost evening if I start it now. Let me just decorate it a little. I have spent entire year gaining calories. Now it's high time I start losing it. Hmm"

"Okay, so I will just put some pictures of yoga-poses, healthy life-style rules and diet-chart etc to remind myself of it everyday. Ah, how can I take the print-outs. My printer ink has run out. I need to order one."

[Opening laptop- last night's show has been resumed. After watching it for 15 minutes, I remind myself of shopping the printer-ink.]

[Another 30 minutes have passed by browsing around.]

"Okay, finally I have cracked the best deal on ink this time. Patience pays!"

"I am so hungry. I am gonna cook something. I will watch tv while cooking and eating."

[About 2 hours have gone on I-don't-know-what]

"I want to take some rest now. I have been working for so long. I need to catch-up on some serious news stuff!"

[Another 30 minutes spent on skimming through the paper]

"Ah, now I feel this strong desire within to write my thoughts that have aroused from reading"

[Opening laptop; few catch-ups on social media and blogs. Another two hours have gone by. I have not written anything yet.]

"I must get up and take bath. It's almost dinner time now! Huh!"

"Oh, what will I wear tomorrow at work? I was supposed to clean my wardrobe and get some clothes ironed." 

"I am just gonna hit the bed now. I have meetings to attend, can't be late to bed on Sundays. Let me manage with this mess until next Sunday. It should be sorted afterwards." 

[Preparing my bed]

"I am thinking to have a seriously productive next Sunday. Oh, but I am not in the town that day! Then probably next-to-next Sunday! After-all I have now this note to refer on any Sunday I get some real free time." 


For now, I am just waiting for that one Sunday!

In the meantime, one serious tip - Don't wait for any Sunday. If you have any mess to clean, Do it NOW! 


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