Message to Bollywood from 'Batman Vs Superman - Dawn of Justice'

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 0 Comments

Watching a hollywood-fiction-sci-fi movie is always a pleasure for Indians. You see, it's something our Bollywood miserably fails to offer us at home. Yes, I know we have Ra.One, Krrish-series, but let's keep comedy movies aside for keeping the discussion to the point!

The recent Batman and Superman combo appearance on screen got me thinking more and more on these lines. The appearance of an ugly, deformed, non-living, yet alive, thing, from the planet of Superman, was a good treat to eyes! The background's loud sounds, coupled up with heavy rain, made everything more dramatic and filmy. But Indians love drama, so the movie is going housefull in metro cities here.

I sometimes wonder why can't Indians have movies on Nagraj (Kind-of-Spider Man), Super Commando Dhruva (No-replica-available), Doga (Iron Man), Parmanu (Atom Man), Shakti (Wonder Woman) and so many more from our childhood favorite comic producers Raj Comics.

 I even have in mind who should be starred on these roles. I believe Hrithik Roshan can do the role of Nagraj well, as his face has a natural similarity with the former, and I think he is quite "available" for taking new roles. Also, given his "only" famous series Krrish, Indians will accept him for the new role quickly. For Shakti, Deepika Padukone would suit best, but in case she doesn't have a date free, Anushka might get a chance. For Dhruva and Doga other bollywood stars can be starred. But let's please keep SRK aside this time, and make it a serious sci-fi, fiction movie instead of comedy.

Hoping to see one Indian version of these movies in coming years!!!!

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