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There are only two types of species in this world – those who want to get married, and those who want to get rid of marriage! Rest all species are only virtual. They might pretend that they are happy in their marriages, but they do so only to lure you to jump into their pool of married-people, so that they can take pleasure from peer-pain, ultimately!

For all the singles, the major personal goal of 2016 is either to get wed locked, or to dodge parents and (annoying) relatives for keeping you away of that lock! 

Those who have been looking for a match this year might feel happy about turning the calendar to new dates; for they feel that somehow 2015 was also not meant for their Facebook status as ‘Married’.  It’s a good hope for them. May the peace be with them when they finally find the ONE! 

Those who take the pledge of not marrying in 2016 too, might need to find new ways to escape everyone. Since this is India. Here you have to explain everyone why you want to marry this girl or boy, or why you don’t want, for that matter! Your personal life is never truly yours! It’s a topic of public interest of everyone. And the topic of marriage tops the list! It is the most talked about topic in your social circle.  You need to satisfy so many people of what you think about this.

For last couple of years, marriage has been the most frequent thing occurring on my Facebook page.  This year it has been kids. Kids being born all around! Scientifically, socially, and logically it all follows well. But to me, it seems human beings are procreating too fast. There is nothing left for singles to boast about in their social sites. This creates a huge pressure on most of us to get married and join the crowd! 

With the thought of marriage revolving on everyone’s head all the time, the singles have forgotten the word ‘merry’ altogether. Just make sure that in the sheer desperation of getting married, you don’t wish people ‘Marry Christmas’ and ‘Marry Holidays’! :D

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


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