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Thursday, November 19, 2015 , 0 Comments

With each tiny or tall thing in the world getting online these days, information about the education sector catches my attention the most. In my last six months in a government school in New Delhi, I have found that we still need a lot of data to get online for the ease of students, their parents, and of course the educators.

It's interesting to find how Indians pay too much attention on buying too trivial things - but hardly care to spend some serious time and effort on their children's education - which will matter most in their lives, not to mention though. I receive parents of my kids every day to inquire about some or other fund that they haven't received yet from the government. I feel had they spent a tenth of that effort into quality education for their kids, life would have been much better for everyone!

INSTICHOOSE- choose your institute

Well, having said that I want to share a site I found online - that lists the CBSE board schools in Delhi and Kanpur (as of now), zone-wise. Once you enter the zone you're looking a school for, it displays the names of schools with their ratings on the prima facie. This list can be sorted further based on locality, facilities or any type. If you want to check out any school in particular, you can instiview that to find information on its rate, infrastructure, teachers, students, contact details etc. When you open a school page, it will also give an idea of student-teacher ratio, students and teachers distribution etc.  The site has already received more than 100 feedback from school alumni and parents.

The modern India must make some sincere efforts for getting every child an excellent education. Giving him the right to preview his class before making a decision of lifetime to end up in that class for next 12 years can be a great kick-off in that direction. I am happy to see that Instichoose is doing something like this. More-so, one can see this as a great business opportunity to invest, create, or cultivate.

Hope you find this article of help. Please spread the word more and more to make this an effective movement.

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