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The article below needs more research for proper conclusion. I need to re work on it based on the feedback from my valued readers. 


An air trip is supposed to make the journey faster and more convenient for us. But my faith has been shrinking on this fact since my recent domestic trips.

They call it a low-budget flight, which I don't think is very low in budget. Given the rising demand of commute by netizens among metro cities, the facility provided by these airlines is only falling with time. The flights are often delayed in take-off and landing. There is no male flight-attendant in their crew as if it's some menial job that must be done only by females. The air-hostesses are dressed up in not-so-high-quality-cloth, and seem to have applied unnecessary heavy make-up that makes them only uncomfortable.

The low-budget Indigo airlines is not providing even water for free; forget about the meal. I don't know why they can't add a few more bucks in the ticket fare, and provide the basic amenities as a part of the package? The air hostesses get busy in collecting pennies from the travellers who place their orders during the flight. The worst comes when the hostesses carry the dust-bin in their hands and wander throughout to collect the wastes. Can we not have a trolley instead for disposing the trash? Shocking and pathetic it is!

I had some high expectations from the newly launched  Tata Group and Singapore Airlines joint venture- Vistara flights. But it also seems to also have failed in providing the luxury experience per the promises made. There are no TV's or personalized music systems. Though they have succeeded in moving out from the Western shirt-skirt to the Indian kurti-legging outfit which gives natural and elegant look. However that also needs to be standardized yet, as the color and quality of their dresses vary a lot.

We have a long way to go before we have a world-class luxury experience in domestic air flights. Hope the airlines realize this soon, and be more accountable and responsible in their services!

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