The Benefits of Traveling in a Metro Train

Saturday, November 19, 2011 , 0 Comments

"The Ladies' compartment of a metro train, is the best place to find, what's on the catwalk..."

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation deserves a round of applause for providing with such a wonderful mean of commuting to the netizens. It's a cheap, fast, reliable and comfortable service.. Wait, what you just heard, the comfortable serivce; guys would certainly not like this idea a much. Since, being a girl, I get the privilege of traveling in the first compartment reserved for ladies only, I usually get enough space to sit/stand for my short journeys. But, with other passengers, the experience is not at all same. In general compartment, there is not enough space for a mosquito to enter. And the feeling of injustice is obvious, when at the same time, the ladies compartment goes almost vacant. Here, also, Indian Reservation Quota strategy is followed. And like every other frustrated candidate, passengers bear this partiality, silently!

Metro train is, in general, passengers' first preference of transportation, provided it connects the source to the destination, directly or indirectly. Probably, because the benefit of traveling in a metro train, is not just limited to the aforementioned facts, but reaches beyond bookish explanations. Whenever I get to save some bucks for shopping, I always reach the market via metro train.
The  Ladies' compartment of a metro train, is the best place to find, what's on the catwalk. At each station, you can watch ladies (models), lined up preparing for their boarding on the train (rehearsal of the show), with music blaring in the background (station announcements). Just at any station, the train stops and the door opens, a cluster of ladybug beetles would make their entrance on the runway. And like the speculators of other fashion shows, everyone in the room would watch you all. From your clothing, to accessories, to footwear, to looks, and to every other visible/ invisible corner of your psyche.

The panorama of a rainbow that appears after a lovely rainfall, can be envisaged here anytime, without waiting much for a rain of that type. A beautiful girl with fair complexion would be all dressed in pink; Pink clothes, pink  purse, pink slippers and even with a nice pink iPhone in hand, making you feel uncomfortable anytime with her sharp looks, if you're not furnished that well. Then there would be a teenagers college-gang, dressed in most funky ways possible, full of accessories of all colors, none of which match the other, but still looking very smart.

If you get sometime off of these models, please pay attention to just entered lady in her 40's. The woman in delhi is too smart to be called as an aunty! In black and off-white dress, looking truly gorgeous and more sportive than any youngster in the room. Now, you can divert your attention a little to other compartments as well.

The general compartment that is immediate next to the ladies one, is boys' first priority to aboard. On the common doorway, pair of a handsome hunk and a fabulous gal would stand. From here, the single gets better chances to stare at the bevy of beauties that are sitting at the adjacent compartment. One cannot get bored in this journey. Watching all this is such a fun to realize that destination has arrived. Thanks to Delhi Metro Rail for giving me this beautiful insight into the current fashion trend in just a few penny! :-)

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