Appreciate what you have..

Sunday, November 21, 2010 1 Comments

Do you feel that it could be better IF...? or IF I had done it this way, things wouldn't be that bad..? or IF I could get one more chance, I...? or etc etc.. It's not just you who feels like that, it's a human tendency to regret after a moment passes away and you realize back that IF you get to live that moment again, you could do wonders.. Doesn't that make you feel realize that if at that moment you could have understood the importance of the moment, and have had lived it as you wanted it now, you never need to regret later? We live life as it comes to our way, and realize its importance later on. But alas!, now you cannot go back riding on a time-machine and change it at all. But there must be something you could do rather than just regretting. Can we not feel before living each & every moment like it?? Of coarse, we can't..The evanescent nature of time doesn't allow us to think much. But atleast we can stop regretting. Becuase things if could be better, then could be worse too. Thank God! that I am alive at this moment and can now do whatever I want, whatever I like to happen in my way, whatever that should happen but havn't happened.. Thank You, my Almighty, for giving me this life, just whisper these words again and again, appreciate what you have, and see how He is going to stand by you next time.. :)

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  1. all words soaked in truth..awesome work..keep going :)